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Creating the First Accelerator and Venture Fund for Technology Hardware (Software +) and IoT Businesses

From Concept to Scale, TechX Ventures is Accelerating Industrial and Consumer IoT, Tech Hardware, Robotics, and Other product founding teams, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Do You Stick Out and Would You Be Selected?

TechX Ventures works with everyone.  If you have a Software+ company and are looking to combine hardware (devices, systems, electronics, etc.) software, alternative networks, the cloud and apps, we are the place for you.  Want to meet board designers, fabricators, plastic molders all within a drive from our office?  We are integrated with the Innovation Center, TechX Foundry.

Imagine What You Can Build... When You Can Build What You Imagine

Tech Hardware, as opposed to Software, requires piecing together the digital and physical worlds.  At TechX Ventures, your access to TechX Foundry enables you to:


  • Get Matched with the Best People and Resources to fill your design, development and building gaps,
  • Rapidly develop software and fabricate materials, prototype and build custom PC boards and electronics, motors, devices, systems,
  • Create unique additive (3D Printed) or subtractive (CNC Mills) parts,
  • Test and iterate, and
  • Connect and gain access to networks and integrate components.

Superior Returns & Risk Mitigation

Reducing and Eliminating Risk for the Company Helps Our Investors and Companies to Achieve Superior Returns.

Minimize & Eliminate Capital

Access Equipment in our FabLab and Eliminate the Need for Capital, especially in physical prototyping

Superior Returns & Acceleration Concept to Cash

Increasing Value Rapidly and Swiftly Move from Concept to Validated Value Propositions and Prototypes

Access to the Right People

Get Access to the Best Business and Technical Experts. Mentors and advisors quickly fill the gaps in the founding team with our Matching Process

Best Practice Process

Embrace a Design to Manufacture Mentality that starts with a Lean, Rapid Physical Simulation of the Working Prototype to speed validation and ensures that the Economics can support channel Keystones and Markups to Retail

Corporate Partner Access

Explore and Achieve Access to Established Strategic Corporate Partners

Conceiving, Validating, Market Testing, Designing, Prototyping, and Packaging a Tech Hardware, Software and System Product Has Never Been So Fast, Inexpensive, Fun, and Satistying.

David A. Rosen

David A. Rosen

Managing Partner

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Innovator of the Year 2015

Gary M. Lubin

Gary M. Lubin

Managing Partner

Our CEO, David Rosen, Speaks Out on Manufacturing 4.0

David was recently interviewed for Intel, by Charles Arujo.  He raises questions regarding the convergence of Hardware and Software.  You can see the Video Here:

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