Apply to be a MENTOR

We are looking for people who want to give, invest, share and provide assistance to TechX and its portfolio companies.   Are you in a place where you can spend time, “giving back” or sharing the experience, knowledge, and understanding you have gained in your career?  Our portfolio companies are looking for help.  It is uniquely difficult for Tech Hardware and IoT companies as their efforts evolve from concept to market, given the challenges they have not just in SOFTWARE, but the various HARDWARE, NETWORK, and CLOUD options and integration solutions ahead of them.

There will be various mentor roles needed.  In some cases, Mentors will be assigned to a company and help lead the way through our accelerator.  Other Mentors will be needed to fill gaps, solve problems, provide advice, and more.

Mentorship is a serious, but rewarding effort that also allows you to get to know the founding team of many startups before you choose to invest any more time, money or relationship capital moving forward.  The benefits of the program are useful for both the portfolio companies and the Mentors.

Some of you have been asked to apply, and others are volunteering.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping to make matches for you.

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